About Us

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A L (Advaita Lifestyle) is consumer goods company for high quality products which are safe for human health and the environment.

Modern day consumerism is full of unfortunate dualities like ‘business interests v/s human well-being’ and ‘human desires v/s planet ecosystem’. Consumers constantly seek low prices which creates a demand force for cheaper goods. Businesses in an attempt to maximize profit, supply to this demand by producing goods made of cheaper ingredients. This game of supply-demand is blind to the adverse effects on human health and the environment.

We, at A L advocate for a balanced approach to deal with these duality. The word ‘advaita’ translates to ‘non-dual’. We promote a non-dual lifestyle. We aim to produce high quality affordable consumer goods with harmless ingredients and we chose to educate consumers about adverse effects of low quality ingredients to battle the supply-demand market forces instead of surrendering to the demand for cheaper goods. That’s how we live lead our non-dual lifestyle, AL – Advaita Lifestyle.

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